Frequently Asked Questions

Ship and Order

Shipping costs and delivery

Singapore & Taiwan

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: 5-14 business days

Orders USD$80 and above: Complimentary


Domestic Delivery Time:
2-5 business days

Shipping cost:
West Malaysia
Orders RM65 and below: RM 5

East Malaysia
Orders RM65 and below: RM15

Orders RM100 and above: Complimentary

All orders are shipped from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tracking your parcel

You will receive a tracking number by email when your order has been dispatched. Tracking updates will be available at

How can I return my purchase?

We offer refunds for all products returned within 10 days of purchase, in their unopened and original condition. If you would like to return an item purchased online, please contact us

What should I do if my order is damaged in transit?

If an item has been damaged in transit, Feeso will provide you with a replacement. Please contact us with your order details and an accompanying photo of the damaged item.


Are Feeso products tested on animals?

We have never tested our products or ingredients on animals, and we do not use animal-derived ingredients. We have never conducted nor commission animal testing for any of Feeso product.

Do Feeso products have an expiry date?

The ‘best before’ measure of your Feeso product is determined by the time of opening. Jar icon on the side of the label indicates the number of months the product will be at its best once open. For example, 12M equals one year from the date of opening, 6M equals six months from the date of opening.

Do Feeso products contain Phenoxyethanol?

Phenoxyethanol is a highly effective, versatile preservative that confers anti-microbial benefits preventing the growth and reproduction of micro-organisms.

Is Feeso product suitable for pregnant women?

Our hand cream is safe for pregnant women to use,  if you would like to be extra safe, we recommend taking the ingredient list to your doctor for advice.

I have sensitive skin that irritates easily. Can I still use Feeso’s Product?

Of course! Feeso’s Product only uses the best ingredients that can work for all skin types, including sensitive skin. If you’re worried a couple of things we suggest are:

1. Consulting with your dermatologist, general practitioner, or other skincare experts.

2. Spot testing (especially for first-time users).

How do you do spot testing?

1. Place a small amount of Feeso’s product inside your elbow.

2. Leave on your throughout the day.

3. If irritation occurs stop using the product.